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3M Scotchlite and Thinsulate are registered trademarks of 3M Company

Commonly referred to as:

Heat Applied Reflective Tape, ANSI Reflective, Scotchlite Reflective Transfer Film, ANSI Reflective Tape, Fire Coat Trim,
Orange-Silver Comfort Trim, Reflective Tape Iron On, Reflective Tape For Clothing, 3M Segmented Trim
3M Scotchlite Reflective Fabric 5686  -  Flame Resistant Fire Coat Comfort Trim Certifications: 

NFPA and CAN/CGSB Scotchlite reflective material – series 5600 fire coat comfort trim is certified to the listed edition of the following NFPA and CGSB standards. 

NFPA 1951-2013 Standard on Protective Ensembles forTechnical Rescue Incidents

NFPA 1971-2013 Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting

NFPA 1977-2011 Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipmentfor Wildland Fire Fighting

NFPA 2112-2012 Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire

CAN/CGSB 155.20-2000 Workwear for Protection Against Hydrocarbon Flash Fire

3M 8725 LL



3M 5687

Fire Coat Trim

3M 5807

Custom Cuttable

3M 9720

Industrial Wash

3M 8725

Home Wash x 50

3M 5535

Flame Resistant

3M 9740

Ind. Wash & FR

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3M 5510

Home Wash x 75   

3M 8786

No Wash

3M 8787

No Wash

3M 8711

Graphic Ready

3M 8735

Flame Resistant 

3M Scotchlite Reflective Transfer Film 5686  - Segmented -  Flame Resistant Fire Coat Comfort Trim  -  NFPA

3M Scotchlite Reflective Material – Series 5600 Fire Coat Comfort Trim is designed to enhance the visibility of the wearer in low-light conditions, especially at nighttime, when illuminated by a light source such as automobile headlights. 

The 3M 5686 reflective surface is composed of wideangle, exposed retroreflective lenses integrally centered on a fluorescent background color bonded to a heat-activated adhesive.

​The 3M 5686 trim is 2 or 3 inches wide and comprised of reflective patterned segments on a clear plastic liner.

3M 5530

Industrial Wash

3M 5540

Ind. Wash & FR

3M 8726

Home Wash x 50

3M 8712

Home Wash x 25

3M 5686

Fire Coat Trim

3M 5686 Red-Orange/Silver - Scotchlite Fire Coat Comfort Trim - Common Sizes below in Blue 

Listed below are roll widths and required number of rolls per case.

A case is defined as one single product in one width equaling 304.8mm (12 inches).

Roll Width Roll Width Roll LengthRoll LengthRolls/Case@ Weight
9.525mm3/8"100 Meter109 Yards32 Rolls28 lbs
100 Meter
109 Yards24 Rolls29 lbs
12.7mm 1/2" 200 Meter218 Yards12 Rolls29 lbs
19.05mm3/4"100 Meter109 Yards16 Rolls28 lbs
19.05mm3/4"200 Meter218 Yards8 Rolls28 lbs
25.4mm1"100 Meter109 Yards12 Rolls29 lbs
25.4mm1"200 Meter218 Yards6 Rolls29 lbs
34.925mm1-3/8"100 Meter109 Yards8 Rolls27 lbs
38.1mm1-1/2"100 Meter109 Yards8 Rolls29 lbs
50.8mm2"100 Meter109 Yards6 Rolls30 lbs
50.8mm2"200 Meter218 Yards3 Rolls30 lbs
76.2mm3"100 Meter109 Yards4 Rolls29 lbs
101.6mm4"100 Meter109 Yards3 Rolls30 lbs
304.8mm12"100 Meter109 Yards1 Roll30 lbs

* Roll weights are estimated and will vary product to product. If exact weight is necessary please contact us. 

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