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                       3M Scotchlite 3150      3M Scotchlite 5687      3M Scotchlite 6755      3M Scotchlite 8712      3M Scotchlite 8787      3M Scotchlite 8910      3M Scotchlite 8986N     3M Scotchlite 9720

                       3M Scotchlite 5510      3M Scotchlite 5807      3M Scotchlite 7160      3M Scotchlite 8725      3M Scotchlite 8830      3M Scotchlite 8912      3M Scotchlite 8987       3M Scotchlite 9740

​                       3M Scotchlite 5530      3M Scotchlite 6160      3M Scotchlite 7187      3M Scotchlite 8725LL  3M Scotchlite 8850      3M Scotchlite 8925      3M Scotchlite 8987N     3M Scotchlite 9910                    

                       3M Scotchlite 5535      3M Scotchlite 6185      3M Scotchlite 7196      3M Scotchlite 8726      3M Scotchlite 8886      3M Scotchlite 8935      3M Scotchlite 9187        3M Scotchlite 9920

                       3M Scotchlite 5540      3M Scotchlite 6187      3M Scotchlite 8471      3M Scotchlite 8735      3M Scotchlite 8887      3M Scotchlite 8940      3M Scotchlite 9586        3M Converted Trim

​                       3M Scotchlite 5686      3M Scotchlite 6196      3M Scotchlite 8711      3M Scotchlite 8786      3M Scotchlite 8906      3M Scotchlite 8986      3M Scotchlite 9587        3M Graphics

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SafetyTrims.com. Created and maintained by Mike Curtis, a reflective specialist and sales professional with Block Bindings & Interlinings. We provide high quality 3M reflective materials for industrial work wear, fire apparel, uniforms, safety vests, rain wear, sportswear & active wear.

As an authorized Distributor and Converter of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Materials, we offer the full line of 3M Scotchlite Reflective glass-bead and prismatic products in single roll, full case and pallet quantities.

On the converted side, we have a quick turnaround time on our specialty products such as, Trims, Piping, Logos, Heat Transfer and Sew on Patches, Names, Numbers, Letters.

We offer fast shipping to anywhere in North America & South America!

We have a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals that can help you save money while offering solutions to your business practices.

All of our staff will help you with any inquires in a fast and proficient manner.

​Your business is important to us and we're doing everything we can to deserve it.

​Look forward to working with you soon.


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