Application Instructions
Heat Transfer Machine Settings:
Temperature: 350-375*F (175-190*C)
Pressure: 60-80 PSI or 4-6 bar (Firm)

Step 1:
Preheat garment/panel 10-15 seconds prior to application of transfer.

Step 2:

Place heat transfer onto garment/panel. Cover with kraft or teflon paper.
Using heat transfer settings, apply transfer for 20 seconds.

Step 3:
Let garment/panel cool down to room temperature. Remove heat transfer liner carefully.

8735 Silver

Home Wash

Flame Resistant 

Graphic Transfers

Recommended Fabrics:
100% Cotton
100% Polyester
Poly/cotton Blends
Polyester knits and mesh
Un-coated nylons

9740 Silver

Industrial Wash

Flame Resistant

Graphic Transfers

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                       3M Scotchlite 3150      3M Scotchlite 5687      3M Scotchlite 6755      3M Scotchlite 8712      3M Scotchlite 8787      3M Scotchlite 8910      3M Scotchlite 8986N     3M Scotchlite 9720

                       3M Scotchlite 5510      3M Scotchlite 5807      3M Scotchlite 7160      3M Scotchlite 8725      3M Scotchlite 8830      3M Scotchlite 8912      3M Scotchlite 8987       3M Scotchlite 9740

​                       3M Scotchlite 5530      3M Scotchlite 6160      3M Scotchlite 7187      3M Scotchlite 8725LL  3M Scotchlite 8850      3M Scotchlite 8925      3M Scotchlite 8987N     3M Scotchlite 9910                    

                       3M Scotchlite 5535      3M Scotchlite 6185      3M Scotchlite 7196      3M Scotchlite 8726      3M Scotchlite 8886      3M Scotchlite 8935      3M Scotchlite 9187        3M Scotchlite 9920

                       3M Scotchlite 5540      3M Scotchlite 6187      3M Scotchlite 8471      3M Scotchlite 8735      3M Scotchlite 8887      3M Scotchlite 8940      3M Scotchlite 9586        3M Converted Trim

​                       3M Scotchlite 5686      3M Scotchlite 6196      3M Scotchlite 8711      3M Scotchlite 8786      3M Scotchlite 8906      3M Scotchlite 8986      3M Scotchlite 9587        3M Graphics

8725 Silver

Home Wash

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Care Instructions:
Machine wash using mild detergent.
Wash temperature should not exceed 140*F (60*C)
Do not use bleach.
Dry at normal setting on household machines.
Dry clean.
Do not commercial launder.
Do not iron directly onto heat transfer.


8725 Silver

Home Wash

Graphic Transfers

9720 Silver

Industrial Wash

Graphic Transfers

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3M Reflective Graphics for Clothing   _   8735 Silver Reflective Heat Transfers

3M Scotchlite Reflective letters, numbers and logos are created out of 3M 8735 silver reflective heat transfer film.

These reflective graphics are designed to enhance the visibility of the end user in low-light conditions and day-light conditions.

They are composed of wide angle, exposed retro-reflective lenses and a polyester heat activated adhesive.

8735 silver reflective is flame resistant, and regular wash. 50 washes and 50 dry clean cycles. 

These reflective graphic transfers and are certified for no harmful substances, and are free from PVC, plasticizers, and heavy metals.

3M 8735 is CSA-Z96-09, ANSI 107-2010, and EN 471 compliant.   Certified to NFPA and CAN/CGSB standards.

3M 8735 Reflective Heat Transfers allow you to create professional, personalized garments quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Available as transfers (no minimum purchase requirement) and roll good form (minimum purchase of 1 roll - 12" x 5 yds).​​